Therefore they can handle low or high volume

We sell both new and used Haas Mini Mills, so you don’t have to break the bank by investing in a new one. A drill press is generally not rigid enough for Haas Mini Mill applications because it is not designed to handle the imposition of force on the spindle during the side to side motion. If you need financing options, or perhaps you just need to lease a Hass Mini Mill, here at Machinery Values, we have those options available to you. Ultimately however, those who’ve tried concede that is isn’t worth the trouble.

Therefore they can handle low or high volume uses. However, it is normally too expensive to use as the primary raw material. Haas Mini Mills can do things that a lathe cannot, due to the shape of objects each can accommodate. We make sure that all our used machinery is excellent working order and we stand by them. At Machinery Values, we have a good selection of Haas Mini Mills of different sizes, from 10 inches to 20 inches for the separate axes. If you need quite a few of them, we also have wholesale pricing for large orders as well, and we can ship to anywhere in the country (or worldwide). A Haas Mini Mill is the latest version of this technology on the market, and their models will be vertical in design (meaning that the axis of the spindle is vertical).

This means that the primary raw iron product that it processes comes in the form of scrap steel China Embroidery machine parts Wholesalers recycled from motor vehicles or equipment, and from the by-products of different manufacturing for a long lasting, good quality machine. Although it was originally intended as a means to produce steel bars, such as concrete reinforced steel (rebar), pipes, flats, angles, channels, and light rails, the innovation of direct strip casting in the early 1980’s led to its widespread use for making steel strips.Fortunately, a Haas Mini Mill will work safely and properly during its operation, so your steel part will be milled accurately. We even have optional accessories available to enhance them; so you can buy with the peace of mind that you are getting a high quality piece of equipment. The cutting tools are mounted in the spindle’s cutting shaft. However, mini mills can take cubical objects and make parts out of them.


Generally, lathes can machine a myriad of parts, but the core shape of the product must be cylindrical in nature.


Trying to make it a substitute for a Hass Mini Mill will only waste a lot of your time and money, and leave you with a piece of machinery that is unsafe to operate. It will also save you time because you’ll be able to switch operations without having to reconfigure your machine.Visit us today at MachineryValues. In addition, for ease of operation all our models come with CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) is usually added to the scrap steel used in a mini mill because it helps to maintain the intended chemistry of the steel overall.Many people try to adapt a drill press to use it as a mini mill because the latter is basically a drill press that also has a secure worktable that can be moved side to side and front to back very precisely. A mini mill is a usually employed to process secondary steel produce

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